HappyHacks is a monthly hosted virtual hackathon catered towards young coders ranging from highschool to first year university. We are passionate in provoking interest and commitment in coding at a young age, therefore we offer our hackathons as opportunities for coders to express their skill and explore coding in a competitive yet fun manner. We hope our format of our hackathons as completely virtual combined with our emphasis on integrity allows for people all around the world to have a fair experience without certain teams having disadvantages due to their location. Our hackathon is targeted towards coders of all skill levels. For experienced coders, this is an opportunity to show off your skills and your accumulated knowledge. On the other hand, beginner coders get to explore their ideas and get judged fairly based on experience. Everyone is welcome!


  • Github link submitted here on Devpost
    • Contains project code
    • Working prototype
  • 3-5 minute video presentation to judges
    • Covers the problem, solution, and impact
    • Answers the theme (Will be released at the opening ceremony)
  • 10-30 minute video timelapse of one or more team members working
    • Present MINIMUM one team member's physical profile and the computer screen showing work
    • Shows proof of original work and non-AI generated content

Usage of ChatGPT to create project will result in an automatic disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes

Hackathon Sponsors


$300 in prizes

First Place

150$ Cash
Automatic admission into HRSE and 40% off enrollment (200$ Value)
CoCalc Extended License + Credits (TBD)
Certificate of Achievement

Second Place

100$ Cash
1 year subscription to Axure RP Team
Certificate of Achievement

Third Place

50$ Cash
Certificate of Achievement

Most Creative

Certificate of Achievement

Participant Gifts

Certificate of Participation
Free Interview Cake Course
1 month Echo3D Pro
CoCalc use for duration of hackathon
1 year free 1Password Family

Devpost Achievements

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Happy Hackers Team

Happy Hackers Team

Alexey Pichukov

Alexey Pichukov
Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Konstantin Glumov

Konstantin Glumov
Alfa Bank

Vitaly Kudelya

Vitaly Kudelya
Senior Machine Learning Researcher at SMARTU LABS

Judging Criteria

  • Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Execution
  • Community

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